DC-Amulet-LogoWe’ve been recording our first Dead Candidates record, and a big part of that is the spoken word Kappo and The Rev adventures that accompany the music.  During that process we fuck things up and come up with even dirtier ideas than we started with.  The question seems to be who is mentoring who on the progrum?  Kappo, the writer, director, and producer OR The Rev, the ‘technical director’?  email: kappoandtherev@gmail.com with your thoughts on the matter.

Episode #47 Graphic

Episode #47 “The Millennial Generation; Sucks or Is Great?”

• Without strong corporate leadership Rev turns his abuse on Kappo
• Notes From Kristin: “Keep up the good work”, “No news is good news”.
• The key to success: Polygamist Marriage
• Why don’t we do more shows? We’ve got ‘Magic Poisoning’
• (7:00) Now We’re Cooking: Would You Eat James Franco’s Meat?
• (27:17) Government Goons Use Social Media To Destroy Reputations of Journalists?
• (30:50) A Clip of us walking out of a extremely dysfunctional Sianet Radio meeting
• (31:50) Heroes of Hypocrisy: Ashton Kutcher
• (40:10) KaTR, Voice of Women: How Feminism is Failing the Millennial Generation
• (53:30) Question To Ask Yourself: Are Gadgets Ruining Your Relationship?
• (1:04:37) Apologize or Hari Kari: The Millennial Generation (1989-2000)
• (1:08:35) Kappo and The Rev Say: “Land’s Sakes”
• (1:09:30) Quest For The Pulitzer: Gen-Y is Unhappy Because They’re Entitled Twats

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We head down to the great state of Florida for the story of a man who beat his children into submission when ‘he who supplied it, denied it’.  Let’s be fair though, picture yourself a proud father of several children, and you’ve put a delicious spread of greasy fast food on the table.  You, yourself is known for letting the flatulence fly, but when an unfamiliar odor hits your nose- it’s RUINED your Kentucky Fried Chicken, and god damn it, someone is going to own up to this.  I mean really, how hard is it to own up to your rageaholic father that it was you who tooted, and be beaten accordingly?  Kid’s these days have it too easy, and that’s why this guy has to do the shit he does.  You just don’t understand.

Kappo and The Rev are back on the microphone for a 3rd season of their hit progrum!

• Who will carry the Torch for Kappo and The Rev?
• Notes From Kristin: Enjoying the new music
• How Do You Build A Media Empire? Give Up Entirely.
• Song Preview: Media Empire (original demo)
• Re-Introducing: The Rev! also, Kappo is foolish.
• Technical Direction
• Song Preview: Vagina Of The Pig That Bit Me (demo)
• Kappo and The Rev Prom
• Song Preview: Plastique Position (studio demo)
• Becoming ‘The Rev’, How We Write Educational Metal
• Song Preview: “Visit The Tomb of Warren G. Harding” (demo)
• How To Become A Time Traveling Rock Star
• Song Preview: “Presidents Day” (demo)
• Ragebeast Joins the Crew: Business Ideas
• Peace, Love and Disrespect!

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So many college kids these days have the way paid for them and it might be the worst thing you can do for them. Parents money gets flushed down the fucking toilet for some ungrateful turd who’s going to skate through 4 years of school and get less out of it than those who make their own way.  Over and over it’s been shown that kids who pay their own way through school get way more out of it and are more successful in their careers than those who don’t.  Student loans are borderline robbery perpetrated by banksters and school is so over-priced that only a fool still thinks that a conventional education is the only route to success.  As you can tell from this hen pecking writing skills I got from cheap ass community college you can to a cheap school and still rock the shit out of life.  I go no (some) regrets. (many).